2017, Intentional, Ironman Raleigh 70.3, OBX, Olympic Distance Triathlon, swim, Triathlon
(image by anime maniax, lifted from google search)

What a rainbow of emotions being back in the pool today.

The sky was full of stars at 5:50am when I left, not a cloud anywhere and dark as dark can be. Tons of stars. I was hoping to see a shooting star. I did not.

The sensory overload – It’s weird what you get used to and forget after some time away. The smell of the chlorine, the heat and humidity of the pool, the first feel when you put your foot in to see if it’s warm today or not. And the fear that maybe I forgot how to swim, breathe….that I forgot how comfortable I was in the pool. It’s only been 6 weeks but it feels like a significant amount of time. My breathing was on point. I could have been in there forever using the peanut. But my strength was not there.

I cried driving back home. I was so glad to be back in, but also really frustrated that I don’t have the range of motion that I did before. Genuinely nervous & scared that my first ocean tri is in 97 days and I can’t really swim like normal yet. Scared that I committed to a mile swim in June – just a little Half Iron distance in Raleigh, that’s all. Time gets so compressed when you’ve got a solid goal in front of you. April, June, whatever date will be here in a blink. I’m hoping that I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew for 2017. I’ve got a few big/new goals for this year and I’ll be really pissed if I can’t meet them. I don’t care about speed, but I do care if I complete it or not.  So I made a commitment with myself while I was swimming – in the pool 3x a week until early October!

Sexy goggle marks =)


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