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Focus on the white space

I’ve got 4 more days until I get back in the pool. I’ve missed it so much. I think about it a lot. I have dreams of swimming. Whether it’s in a pool….or in a lake, ocean, on a paddle board, jumping off a boat, in a kayak – whatever. I just need some water!

I was listening to a podcast on Another Mother Runner and they were using downhill skiing as an example. The guy was saying that he’s used sports psychology ideas to help people with their fear of various things in sports. Downhill skiing in Colorado involves skiing among the trees. A lot of people are understandably scared of doing that, since one good hit can easily take you out for a while or forever. He mentioned the importance of focusing on the good stuff rather than the trees. Focus on the “white space” between the trees. Where you put focus will be where you naturally gravitate towards. Rather than focusing on the trees and where they are, look at the white space. Head towards the white space knowing the trees are all around… but see, feel, taste, lean into the white space. I forget his name, but he used this as an example in discussing how important it is to focus on the opportunity rather than the barriers. Whether it’s about swimming in open water & focusing on the shore, or getting more confident in the gym, or whatever it is I’m hoping for 2017 that I can intentionally lean into the white space as much as possible, minimizing the noise.

Being in the water is like meditation to me. The breathing, the timing, the white space… I’m so glad I’m in the final countdown. =)

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