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2017: Intentional


2017 will be brought to you by the word, INTENTIONAL.

I’m so serious about this that I’m considering getting a bracelet with that word engraved in it. I have a bracelet that says “Fearless”…and its presence stands out to me. I try to be intentional about wearing it. Sometimes it says “Fear Less” as a command, and sometimes it says “be fearless today”, as in be strong, mighty, powerful. Anti-fear. I like it so much that I might get another one with a different message.

I think that being intentional can apply in so many ways. You can be intentional about health, exercise, fitness…projects at work, clients, coworkers…marriage, kids, family… politics, church, service…money, finances, time, on & on. It can apply to literally anything. I do know that when I’m intentional about what I eat & exercise, I feel better. I know that when I’m intentional about my relationship with my husband, all things at home are good. I know that when I’m intentional about money, I make better choices.

I also have enough life experience to know that if I want something in my life to improve, I have to be intentional about making it better. There is no money tree that I can plant. There is no snap of the fingers to drop a size. There is no magic pill that will make me a runner. (If only…)

So here it is: INTENTIONAL for 2017. I will print it out and put it all over my house, in my car, in my office, in closets, laundry room, cabinets, and everywhere so that I see it constantly. I’ll keep my focus on it. I’ll make it my mission to improve on this year’s mistakes & move forward with more success because I’m going to be intentional about it.

And because of this mindset I’m going to kick 2017’s ass. That’s the plan anyway.

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