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I Am Velocity – 2017

Got my goods for the winter and my 2017 Team #Velocity shirt!! So glad I stumbled into this very cool, inspiring, supportive, and motivating team. First…my ’17 green #TriMafia team shirt with all of our names on the back, super cool! and of course there’s Frank – my running coach.

And then I just haaaaad to get a few things! I didn’t have any “winter” gear from Velocity, so a girl’s gotta’ do what a girl’s gotta’ do…place an order! That purple/pink pullover is made from material that’s heavenly – I’ve never felt something like that before. What IS that fabric?? It’s amazing! Highly recommend their stuff. Their service is phenomenal too, so if it’s not the right fit or if there’s an issue they are super great to work with to fix it. (www.iamvelocity.com)

Since I got Frank I’ve walked (and run some) probably 25-30 miles or so. I didn’t realize I had given him a job as running coach until this past week. Sorry Frank, your job is not just to be snuggly anymore. Your job is to teach me how to love running!

After a forced break from most real activity over the past few weeks, it was SO nice getting this package yesterday & feeling excited & motivated to get it together for 2017. It’s coming fast! Get ready!




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