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What’s the WORD for 2017?

In 2015 my word was PERSPECTIVE. Was right on the money, very good for me that year.

In 2016 my word was ORGANIZE. Not sure it hit the mark. Good intentions with this one, but not sure it really spoke to me the way I had hoped. It wasn’t a complete fail but it didn’t have the staying power for the whole year.

For 2017…I’m struggling to find the right word. This is a word I’ll focus on personally & professionally. It will be something I’ll come back to repeatedly and use as a tool for planning and strategy.

Here is what’s making the short list: Energy, Curious, Value, Influence, Important, Discipline, Empower, Create, Intentional, Connect, Listen

Have you ever had a word that you focused on for the year? Our office does this. We pick a word to focus on for the year. I’m sure many ignore it after a few weeks but I try to pick one that will resonate & stick with me with purpose. I print out my magic word and put it in several places in the house – bathroom, closet, my car, etc – so that I see it every day & think about it whether I act on it or not.

I’m struggling for my 2017 word. I need to have it soon. Any ideas? suggestions? feedback? thoughts? words? HELP!


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