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My Off Season and Frank

After a forced break due to some surgery, it’s officially “off season” as it related to triathlon. Knowing that I do better with goals and a schedule and a specific focus it’s been challenging. Not impossible, but definitely feeling the ease of laziness and not today setting in. Way too easy to get there, and way too hard to bounce back from that slippery slope. It’s easy to get buried there especially when it’s cold outside.


I digress…. FRANK!! I knew sooner or later a dog would find its way into my heart & soul. Enter Frank. It’s amazing to me how much a 10 pound dog can elicit such deep emotions of connection and love. If you’re not a dog-person you may think I’m crazy, but if you are a dog-person you definitely know what I’m talking about.

We got Frank two weeks ago from Saving Grace in Wake Forest, NC. He had zero dog skills when he came home. Now he’s really good on a leash and slept in my bed last night. You’ve come a long way, Frank. He’s about a year old but still a little puppy-ish with chewing things and finding things in the corners of the house. He’s starting to love our other dog Tina, and def loves all the humans in the house.

The best part is that while teaching him how to walk on a leash I’ve been testing to see if he would be a running companion. He loves it! Can’t get enough! My hope is that he will help me stay motivated to learn to love/tolerate running. My pace is just a fast walk for him so it’s not like I’ll run him out of energy. Really hoping my off season friend will help me be a better athlete next year. That’s a lot of pressure Frank – are you up to it!?

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