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TriMafia again for 2017!!!


Bring it 2017!! They picked me again! Velocity Sportswear is the best and I’m not just saying that! I’ve met some amazing and inspirational people through this ambassador program that I just happened to bump into last year. What a gift! I cannot wait to see what these connections and gifts my extended Mafia Family bestows to me this coming year. Check them out! Such cool, fun, edgy t-shirts – soft, great quality, and soon they will have more to choose from. Not only that but this is run by good people with integrity, energy, and a good heart – not all that PR/crap that’s about a fake, made-up image. This is the real deal. They really care about us!! What a novel idea in this crazy world we live in. Even though people in this group are literally from around the globe, it’s been fun meeting them online and even some in person. Moving forward, lots of goodness in my future for 2017, and I cannot wait!

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