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Post Tri Season Lessons Learned

This has been such a year of growth in so many ways. 2016 definitely isn’t over, but the triathlon season is. It’s in my brain chemistry that when I get to the end of something I want to find the good, the great, and the stuff that kinda’ sucked so that I can improve it IF needed next time.

Here are the biggest things I’ve learned from my 2016 tri season:

  • I have become a swimmer! Who knew!? Definitely not me at the beginning of the year. Last weekend I swam at least 2 miles in the pool. Nonstop freestyle! It didn’t just happen….I read a lot, I watched a lot of videos, I asked for help in social media groups, and the Olympics was a great push at the right time. I learned that something that felt impossible a year ago was totally doable IF I pushed for it.
  • I learned that tri peer pressure is very real. And very good. I could not have met my goals this season/summer/year if it hadn’t been for a couple of groups I’m a part of. Having support is critical to any & all ventures, no matter what it is.
  • I learned that I really can call myself a triathlete! Who cares if the distances are sprints or that I’m not fast or whatever. After 15 triathlons I think I’ve earned that prestigious title.
  • I learned about all the different reasons why people do this crazy sport. Being involved as an ambassador for Velocity Sportswear as a member of the TriMafia has been fantastic!! The athletes in that group do a variety of distances, but the thread that we all have in common is our love for this challenge and how it feeds our soul. Whether you’re trying to place and get on the podium, or just trying to squeeze out some demons in your life we all feel a kindred spirit in this search.
  • I learned that discipline is waaaaaaay more important than motivation. Period.

Speaking of which…..gotta’ go, the pool is calling me at 5am!

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