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OBX Tri this weekend!

Good googly this came fast! The days are long, but the months/years are way too short! My “A” race is this weekend and some sort of allergy/sinus thing has been stirred up on the right side of my face. UGH… bad timing! Hopefully it’s something in the air here in Raleigh and on the coast it won’t even bother me.

This is also the one that I bought the wetsuit for. As I’m typing it looks like the water temp is 78 degrees, which is plenty warm for me to NOT wear it. I’m just not sure and I hate ambiguity and changing my plans on race day….but every one is different and you never know what to expect.

I’m excited, nervous, a little overwhelmed, but mostly just ready to go and do it! Weather looks good, no storms in sight, and it’s time….


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