Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

On Saturday & Sunday I had the awesome experience of Stand Up Paddleboarding! We went to Rollingview Marina both days.

Saturday I did it with my office. Several of us did a group activity and the water was quiet, calm, no wind…. really easy to navigate, no waves at all, just easy. Of course you had to use your abs and it’s a little different than anything else I ever do. I didn’t expect the arches of my feet to be so sore! I guess all those tiny stability muscles really were firing, wasn’t prepared for sore feet! Otherwise, it’s great – such a calm and one-with-nature experience. It’s like you’re walking on water standing there in the middle of the lake. It’s an odd mix of strength and quiet, all at the same time.

On Sunday we decided that the boys might like it. We had thought about a day trip to the beach but it was rain all day there. It was really nice here, but it was windy. The water had chop that was probably 6-8 inches…that’s nothing in a boat, but it’s significant when you’re on one of those boards! And did I mention I had one or two 45 pound kids on & off, on & off, on & off the board? Standing up, sitting down, jumping off, climbing on. It was hot but the wind felt nice…until we had to come back and push against it. I’m gonna’ be sore tomorrow, that’s for sure. My feet from Saturday, and my shoulder-neck-back from today.

It was a great adventure and the boys LOVED it!!

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