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Olympics – right on time!

It’s easy to get in a rut. I’ve got two more triathlons this season, a 50K ride coming up this weekend, and a few 5K type events I plan to complete this fall. It’s easy to fall off the excitement train and get derailed.

However…cue the Olympics theme music! It’s right on time. Watching Simone, Michael, and Katie (and others) in the pool this past week has been un-freakin-believable. Their speed, their grit, their dedication, their form, technique, and just overall seeming-to-be-good-people was exactly what I needed at the right time. Phelps’ Under Armour ad about what you do in the dark puts you in the light…..all the feels right there.

Swimming with the Olympians

I’ve been in the pool a little more than normal in the past two weeks. I swam a mile this morning for the first time ever – I usually go before dinner. I’ve worked a little on flip turns (still sucks) but I’m trying. There’s something peaceful, soothing, and soulful about being in the water. The harder you “fight” in the water, the worse it is. It’s an odd paradox but relaxing in the water makes you much more efficient and able to just go…

I’m seriously considering doing a Half Ironman next year as a team – and doing the swim. I just need a runner to commit to the 13.1 miles and I’m in!! I know for sure I can train and complete the 1.2 mile swim either in Jordan lake for the Raleigh 70.3 or at the beach for Wilmington 70.3  –  just need all the pieces to fall into place for 2017. I have work to do but I know I can make it happen. That’s saying a lot knowing where I came from with swimming – not exactly Ledecky. I impress myself sometimes!



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