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50K ride coming up soon!

Last year I did the 5-0 Memorial Ride that supports the Raleigh Police Fallen Officers fund (I might have the exact wording wrong there). It was about 1000 degrees that day. Even though I’ve done many hot rides, that one got the best of me because I made bad choices.

On 8/21 I will redeem myself and do it again. My husband thought I was nuts to sign up again because it was a tough ride for me to finish – the last uphill mile or two nearly killed me. There may have been some tears and a near tantrum, but dammit I was going to finish it and I did!!

In a couple of weeks I’m doing it again. This time I’ll be better hydrated. I’ll also stop at the first rest stop rather than passing by because “I feel great! Let’s keep going!”….again, it will be 1000 degrees and I know better this time. Nothing stupid this time around. I’m excited about it!

And of course, I’ll be in my Velocity gear so look for me!

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