2016, Ironman Raleigh 70.3, North Carolina, Swim Bike Run, Triathlon

Raleigh Ironman 70.3

This weekend was the Raleigh Half Ironman (70.3). It was HOT. Really hot, but no bad weather. The bad weather held off until the evening, so nobody had to deal with that.

Two great things came from this weekend… First, I got to meet my Velocity TriMafia family. There were about 8 or so of them in town for the event. Meeting people in person vs. social media is always pretty cool. They aren’t invisible anymore! Great job to all of you who raced. I was able to volunteer at registration yesterday and also at the finish line today. Nothing like seeing everyone finish to inspire you to your next steps. Making plans for 2017, plan for a 70.3 relay, and some bigger distances. Absolutely inspiring to watch everyone, especially the very last finisher at 5:10 pm today. Best t-shirts & support – ever!!


The second great thing was that my boys did the Ironkids mile run Saturday morning. My youngest said….”that was a harrrrrrrrd race”.  He’s 5. And he’s also very much me. He’s not a natural runner, neither am I, so I really understood what he meant by that. He also danced across the finish line, also like me. Well done my little ones. They got their first Finisher medal. Super proud of them!


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