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My big, scary, hairy goal is to do a 70.3 distance race one day. I’m leaning towards an Ironman branded event but not necessarily. I want to do this by the end of 2020 if not before.

My husband knows this is in the future – which is fuzzy, cloudy, non-specific, and more of an idea to him than reality. I mention that I need to find a great location to do said event and he looked at me like he didn’t understand. I’m guessing he said this because we live in Raleigh, and Raleigh now has a 70.3 Half Ironman in June. It’s in less than two weeks. I guess he thought that I wanted to do one 10 miles down the road.

Baahahahahah!!! Why would I want to do one HERE in my backyard!? I wanna’ go to a fun place, with a flat course, and clear beautiful water! Raleigh isn’t awful but when you look at the places to pick from, it’s not at the top of my list. 13 of my 15 triathlons so far will take place in Raleigh, and 2 at the beach. But c’mon now, there are some fantastic places to pick from.

What’s the best 70.3 race to do for a beginner? I need a flatter course, love the ocean water if possible, and I don’t care if it’s hot (I prefer heat over cold). What’s the best one to plan for?

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