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Ramblin Rose Raleigh

Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh….DONE! Check! Finished! Four more to go for the season… Had to shout out for my Velocity family (The TriMafia) with their tattoos. Fun to wear them to the event.


Ramblin Rose Raleigh 2016

Sunday was a great day for a race! Beautiful weather, a little chilly to start, but totally awesome. This race was different because I was doing it with my friend Lady J, a newbie to the tri world. I told her we would start & finish together even though we were in different swim start groups. I wasn’t doing it to compete or get a PR. It was just a really fun day, with a crowd cheering, ending in some bling!


This was my 10th sprint tri in my history of all triathlons since my first one. This event was a little different in my brain in 2 big ways….. First, I never had that “Damn, why did I sign up for this shit! What was I thinking!” thought that I usually do sometime prior to the race, but definitely on race morning. I slept well, I woke up excited, and ready. to. go.   Second, I really do feel like I’m a triathlete which is a great title to own. I say OWN because we all have lots of titles in our lives – some we embrace, others not so much. I’m finally ready to own that title and hold on to it tightly. Something that I wrote on FB when I posted the album linked above is that it’s so cool I get to do this…. I really mean that! Triathlon is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever been a part of. The growth potential is endless, the support is phenomenal, and it teaches you a lot about yourself.

The best part of the day is the hot shower & nap at the end. My next one is at the end of June. No time to waste, back on the trainer this morning at 5:30am after a day of rest yesterday. Running tonight if the storms hold off, and back in the pool tomorrow. I love this sport! =)






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