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The Good Life

“I thought I had time!!”…my coworker said as she was running out the door late to an appointment earlier today. All I could think was, ain’t that the truth. TIME. It’s so weird, right? It’s almost June and 2017 will be here in just over six months. WTF? That’s crazy.

Even though today has been mostly a big-crap-sandwich-kind-of-day it’s just one icky blip on the radar of life. This past weekend, Mother’s Day, was really nice. I’m kinda’ cynical about Mo Day stuff if I’m being honest. We went camping and I ordered some new Roka goggles for myself which arrived today, and my mom got me a foam roller (OUCH!) which I hope will help with some muscle issues. Getting so giddy and excited about this stuff is still a little weird to me!! Squeal, a roller!! awesome… Always makes a crappy day better to get something related to my tri journey.

And then, the things I see & find that make me laugh… like these triathlon undies! They are way too expensive for a single pair through Cafe Press, but……. still worth considering as they are pretty awesome. When I roll into lots of money, I’ll buy a bunch. The good life indeed.IMG_2537

And then this pic of my closet. I usually don’t hang my wetsuit in the closet, but my IMG_2515husband had moved it in there. If you look, you’ll see the wetsuit is literally right next to a gold sparkly cocktail dress. And that’s EXACTLY where it belongs, right!? It made me literally LOL when I walked in and saw that. There’s something funny about the two opposites so close together. But, they aren’t that opposite – both make you feel strong, a little weird, draw some attention, and inside you know that not everyone can pull that off! Am I right!? Not everyone can wear a sparkly gold dress and then later wear a wetsuit in a pool….both with confidence and a little attitude. It did make me laugh to see them both together like that and I was wondering if anyone else would see the humor in this!


Kind of a crappy day, but a great life. We all “think we have time” to do what we want. But before you know it, you’re wishing you had started a project of some kind 5, 10, 20 years ago. Do it now! Time will pass regardless. Life is good – but too damn short.



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