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Bye Bye Alcohol

As of May 1, I’m giving up alcohol completely…at least through the tri season ending in early October, but maybe for longer. Who knows. My first tri is on May 16th so it’s only a few more days away!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I really (really, really really really really) like wine and any type of cocktail. I hate nearly all beer. However, the universe has been whispering to me in numerous ways over this past year that maybe I should quit for a while. For the past two months I haven’t had much at all – which means maybe one small glass of wine at night. I went to an event last weekend and it took days to recover from having too much “fun” so I figured that was the final and loud message from the universe telling me to stop – at least for a while.

So, for the rest of tri season I will join a few others I know, including Meredith with Swim Bike Mom, in giving up the good stuff. From a training perspective I know it’s smart. From a parenting perspective, this may be the hardest/stupidest thing ever and nearly impossible. Giving anything up takes a lot of reprogramming. The default setting is so easy and natural. And also so deeply ingrained in our brains.

But, here it is ….all official and OUT for the world to see. It’s been several days and no big deal so far. Have you given up alcohol or something else lately? or ever? Got any advice?

1 thought on “Bye Bye Alcohol”

  1. My household has been dry since October. Sometimes I REALLY miss having a glass of wine in the evening, but most of the time I don’t. My grocery bill dropped, since alcohol is expensive, and it’s easier for me to keep my calories under control since I’m not drinking wine calories.

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