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Moving Forward

My tri hero is Meredith Atwood. She’s the Swim Bike Mom genius behind the blog & the book. Fantastic book, insightful blog, and great advice giver. She recently did a talk and it was posted on YouTube and since I’m a devoted fan I had to watch it. The link is below.


It was great! It was all about moving forward, but what does that really mean in real life, practical terms? Her talk was focused around triathlon but it can apply to anything that’s in your way. Here is a summary. It’s really good advice:

  1. Show up every day.
  2. Be brave. Be thankful.
  3. Be relentless.

Showing up. Show up to workout even when you don’t want to. Do something small, 5 minutes, whatever – just DO something towards your goal, towards improvement, and something positive in that direction of forward rather than going backwards (or staying still). Showing up means a lot of different things, but it encompasses doing it emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Be brave in your own way, each day. Be thankful. Sometimes you can’t be brave (yet, or due to circumstances) but you can find a way to be thankful. The light spots are always there when you look for them. She said, don’t dilute your bravery by saying you can’t do something because you’re too slow, it’s impossible, etc. Focus on what you can do every day.

Be relentless. She had a quote on the screen about time passing which I’ve seen before & loved. Don’t give up on a goal/dream just because it’ll take time – the time will pass anyway. So what do you do during that time? Do some impressive shit with yourself! If people start to think you’re crazy or don’t understand your goals you’re probably doing something right. And get out of your own way!


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