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Qalo Ring and April Fools

Super excited to get my Qalo ring! I learned about this through one of my tri groups on FB – it’s a substitute ring in place of your wedding ring. The idea is that you don’t want to lose your real ring(s) in a pool, lake, ocean, trail, or whatever…so this holds its place while you’re out having fun & living life. What a genius idea! Brilliant! I hardly ever take my rings off, so being without one on my hand is just weird.

Who’s the April Fool this year? The great people I work with! Bless their heart…. I saw this prank somewhere on FB and thought EVIL GENIUS! I MUST DO THIS! Being that I manage our office #lcthealthchallenge (health challenge) I usually get rid of the junk food in the office rather than bring it in – nobody would suspect me putting donuts in the kitchen! So with some planning & help I got my hands on an empty donut box, kept it in my car for at least a month, set a reminder on my calendar, went to the store and the office early this morning to avoid getting caught, and ….. put bananas & carrots in the donut box! Mmmmmwwwwwaahhhahahahaaaaa… It. Was. Great.  For so many reasons, it was perfect and funny and cracked me up!



As always, love sporting the Velocity gear everywhere I go! Looking ahead to some awesome fun and sweat this weekend. Doing a practice tri on Sunday with my girl Lady J. Weather is bad tomorrow but that means I have a date with Norman on my trainer at some point tomorrow. Happy April y’all!

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