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Obsessed with all things tri?

I’ve never been addicted to anything before. Ever, in any way – good or bad. But I gotta’ say that I’m starting to wonder if I need a 12-step program or a support group for this tri addiction.


This weekend I did the following things in addition to regular training stuff:

  • Signed up to volunteer at the Raleigh 70.3 Half Ironman in June – I’ll be doing the registration on Saturday afternoon/evening and then I’ll be working the finish line & (hopefully) handing out medals at the end. SOOO excited to do that!!! Squeal!
  • While signing up for said volunteer above, I saw that they have a mile Ironkids run that my boys can do…get a shirt, medal, goodie bag all for $15. What a deal! So – boom – they are both signed up. They will eat this up!
  • I couldn’t resist 2 super cute #iamvelocity t-shirts.  Bike Therapy and Swim Bike Run Enough Said   They are on the way…
  • Have you heard of the Island House Invitational? It was on TV today and it’s this best-of-the-best triathletes competing in the Bahamas. It’s a 3-day, clear/blue water, white sand, long & short course competition for half million dollars. Fun to watch!
  • Given that it’s the beginning of the season and I’m part of the #trimafia group through Velocity I’m seeing all these fantastic athletes cross the finish lines at their events and it’s really inspiring me to do better and improve

Right now I still have 56 days until my first tri for the season – unless you count the Lifetime Fitness indoor tri which I’m about to sign up for. Oh, so I should make that a bullet too… *signed up for indoor tri on April 24th.

See?!? I can’t be stopped! I need an intervention! Send help – in the form of a shiny new bike or fancy running shoes…ASAP!

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