Be Inspired Today!


“Perspective” was my word for 2015. It was a great word for me then, as it probably always will resonate in some capacity.


Vulnerability is a tough one. Where’s the balance of spilling all your darkness and keeping a lid on the crazy? I have no idea where the line is… If you know where it is, please tell me. I think vulnerability & happiness are tied together but I can’t really explain how. In this quote below I don’t think it means striving for a $5M dollar house or buying your own island. I think it means challenging yourself, setting goals that you have to stretch for, and not being a jerk to most of the people in your life knowing that some people really do deserve the jerkiness!


What’s the best advice you’ve received? Or maybe a quote or some image that has stayed with you for a while? I’m always looking for greatness – please share if you have something that’s made you stop & think.



1 thought on “Be Inspired Today!”

  1. This is a very deep post! Miranda Lambert’s “Not your Mama’s Broken Heart” has always resonated with me. Specifically the following:
    “Run and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady”
    I feel like I put on my make up and teacher clothes each morning as a way to contain, control, and cover up my crazy, so that I can show my students how to act like lady.
    Then sometimes I let just a little crazy peek out to let students know it’s there – we all have our own brand of crazy. And we all have to learn to keep it under control.

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