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Badass Triathlete in Training


This shirt: I love it so much! I had planned on buying it a long time ago but never did. It’s from Velocity Sportswear and I happen to be a brand ambassador for them this year…however, that’s not why I got it. I would have bought it anyway. If you believe what you tell yourself, you start REALLY believing it. So ya’ better be careful what you say to yourself. I’m doing much better at eliminating the negative stuff but it’s true: don’t believe everything you think.

dont believe

Today is March 1, 2016. I’m tracking all my exercise through MapMyRun as it’s cheap & free – not ready to rely on all the gadgets yet. I know I need to increase my time & intensity & focus as spring arrives, but this gives me a really good foundation to build on. I’m probably going to need closer to 40hrs a month. (how? where? when?)

FullSizeRender (6)

For my rest days or my slow days, I’m also reading a few triathlete training books. I’m trying to learn as much as possible, watching swimming videos, going to beginner triathlete info sessions & an upcoming open water swim session for newbies. That’s not threatening at ALL….  But hey, it’s March 1st & time to get it in gear! Summer is sneaking up on us and the time change is in a couple of weeks!

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