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Miracle Sunday

Over the weekend a small miracle happened. I was able to bike with my husband in the morning. Swim. And then run a little. ALL IN THE SAME DAY! That only happens when the stars line up just so, and the universe grants me my one wish for about six months.


Sunday morning was SOOO beautiful on the Raleigh greenway. This pic doesn’t do it justice; the fog was SO thick you literally couldn’t even see people walking/riding toward you. The frogs were chirping, the ducks were quacking. By the end of the 14 miles my toes were totally frozen. It was about 50ish, but the wind & fog made it quite wet. My helmet was actually dripping from the condensation after 10 minutes. My mom had the kids overnight so it was great to have a nice ride, just us adults.


I also got in 25 laps at the pool – mostly nonstop and really focusing on my breathing technique. I did get a quick run as well before the downpour. The pics on the right are all from the same day: early ride, afternoon swim & run. Of course, sporting some Velocity Sportswear. I got the last one of two that they had in stock! Sweet.

After that… I was tired. Really tired. But in a good way, and in a way that made me think more about what’s needed to get me to the finish line in all these events this year.

Riding with Jason (hubs) made me again realize how important support at home is to make this happen. Before I signed up for anything we had “the talk”. If he wasn’t going to help, then I couldn’t do it. Or at the very least, I’d have to figure out another way to make it happen or have smaller/fewer goals to work towards. This pic below is from over the summer. When he’s on his mountain bike & I’m on my road bike, it’s a fair fight! But otherwise, he’s a much better, experienced, and skilled rider than I am. He’s taught me a lot about cycling and is my bike mechanic, fixing and adjusting everything for me.

So that’s why it was a miracle Sunday. It’s hard to juggle all of it & fit it in. Even though I was exhausted from trying to make it all work, it was worth it! Thanks Jason!

9 mile ride, 2-22-14


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