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The Athletic Mindset

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are in life? Some things you can plan with precision and purpose and laser focus. And then other things can be things that just happen – you didn’t really see yourself in 10 years as “this” or “that” or whatever. Life just unravels in a way that can be unexpected.

As I’ve become more enchanted with this athletic (specifically triathlon) mindset, I have come to really appreciate the strange directions life can take you in. As a teenager or 20- something, I never would have seen myself as athletic, setting personal goals in fitness, or really driven like I am now. I’m not driven by speed, but by challenging myself and doing things that I never saw myself doing years ago.

I also realize that there’s a different mindset that I share with those who set athletic goals – whether it’s a 5K, marathon, triathlon, mud run, or crossfit… we all share the ability to set a goal in the future, commit to it, and work for it by making gradual, successive changes in our schedules & view of what’s normal. Not only is it the ability to set a goal, but it’s also the ability to commit and not let something better take its place. What am I missing isn’t part of what I’m thinking when I sign up for an event. Now that it’s such a normal and expected part of who I am, I can’t even imagine not doing it.

Can’t spell TRIATHLETE without “heart” – fo’ real!!

There is something a little wacko about the tri community – in a really good way! With the exception of a few idiots along the way, I’ve been really impressed with how supportive everyone is. I imagine any group you identify with can be supportive, but I’ve found something very cool and unique about tri people I am meeting. I’m learning more about the #trimafia #iamvelocity Velocity Sportswear ambassador program – those are some fantastic athletes and I’m excited to learn from them. I’m a baby compared to most of them! But that’s ok, they started at the beginning too. I do think there’s a heart & soul of most athletes but I’m a little partial to the TRIATHLETE population. They have an extra dose of crazy AND an extra large heart due to all the cardio they do, and I like that.


1 thought on “The Athletic Mindset”

  1. I agree about the tri community! I have only done 1 sprint triathlon, with a goal of getting back on the horse and completing another this summer. But with that first and only one I completed I was impressed that just about EVERY triathlete I encountered in the process was so helpful and kind. Happy training to you! 🙂

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