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Travel tri is expensive!

There are 219 days left until my OBX tri in Manteo, NC. This will happen just as the “off season” begins in the outer banks. All the other events I’ve ever done are within 30 miles of my house, so no travel & overnights & meals & lalalala needed. However, this one will be my first that involves distance from home, overnight accommodations, meals, organizing the kids with family for more than a few hours, gas for 3+ hour trip one way, etc.

Even though it’s 219 days away, I’m starting to look into places because I know they will get booked soon. One place that was recommended required 2-nights on a weekend, so it would be a Sat night & Sunday night for $199 each night. Yes, $400 just to physically be there and participate. IN THE OFF SEASON. WTF?! No meals except probably breakfast, nothing extra, just seems a little extravagant. If it was NYC or LA or something that’s probably normal but for this? really? That’s just too much!

I called 2 other places but had to leave messages. Must be super busy there ….ya know,in February, with flurries, at the beach. =)  Hopefully I can find a good fit. It’s getting real now that I’m about to lock in reservations – it’s the last thing I have to do outside of train for it. Signed up, got the wetsuit, making reservations – now I just have to let time pass and use it as efficiently as I can to be prepared. That’s all, easy peezy.


2 thoughts on “Travel tri is expensive!”

  1. The expense of travel is exactly why my husband and I make our 1 run each year our private vacation, too. It’s INSANE how much it costs to go anywhere. I feel like there should be a “I’m crazy enough to some insane physical activity” discount of at least 75% when traveling to run, cycle, swim, etc!

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