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Brand Ambassador for VELOCITY SPORTSWEAR

So *this* happened today…all of a sudden I became a Brand Ambassador for Velocity Sportswear. I saw last week they were opening up applications for the 2016 ambassadors on this past Monday (2 days ago). So I put it on my calendar, made sure to apply sharing my story, and then tonight – whamO – I find out I’ve been selected! #iamvelocity


How cool is this!? I really didn’t think I’d be chosen as I’m not fast, I’m not even close to placing in events, and I’m a beginner. For whatever reason, they picked me! (It’s kinda’ like getting a rose on the Bachelor – he picked me!)

They have a bunch of fantastic, fun, and snarky t-shirts – which is soooooo perfect for me. One of my favorites is this below...


They have hoodies, tanks, water bottles, hats, headbands… They seem to be a great #trimafia family and I’m super excited about this. More to come, but whoda’ thunk it?? Not me! Super cool indeed.  =)  #neverstopever

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