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100 days until the Raleigh Ramblin’ Rose!

This pic is from the October 2014 Ramblin’ Rose in Chapel Hill! Great day, awesome weather, and I felt good! In 100 days I’ll complete the 2016 RR in Raleigh.

Wait. I just easily and naturally typed COMPETE.

I usually say “participate” as I don’t really see myself in a competition role here – just competing against myself, my previous time, my demons, etc. But right then, I just typed the word compete as if I was trying to kick someone’s ass. SO weird!!

photo 2 (1)

Regardless of participating or competing, the first for the season is 100 days away.

Boom! Let’s go! Time to step it up with all aspects of training – time, frequency, duration, intensity, and nutrition.



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