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January Stats: Map My Run

I LOVE and ADORE the Map My Run app. It’s totally awesome. At times I’ve been super consistent, and then at times I’ve been super INconsistent in using it and tracking info. But it’s a new year and I’m in it to win it. I’ve documented everything and even adjusted if something seemed inaccurate so this should be pretty clean data. (Image below from Tri Swim Coach on FB)


For January 2016:

  • 29 workouts (run/walk, swim, gym, trainer)
  • 13.3K calories burned
  • 20.9 hours of exercise total
  • I rode 135 miles on the trainer in just over 9 hours
  • average distance per week of 8.8 miles
  • and a total of 149.9 miles for the whole month

Combine Map My Run along with Rock My Run music and that’s a fantastic combo. I don’t think I could ever get this detailed with food tracking. I hope I can keep and even increase this pace. Either way, it’s a good indicator of what my “good” can be – it’s def not my best but I’m working on it. Tracking this is also part of my overall word ORGANIZE for 2016. Anyone else using anything to track data (besides a Garmin, duh) that you like?


1 thought on “January Stats: Map My Run”

  1. I love Smashrun for my runs, but I can see how something like MapMyRun would be better if you are doing a variety of kinds of exercise. That’s an impressive month!

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