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Money, priorities, and things

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With the weather last weekend I couldn’t get a wetsuit – but it’s coming. I’ll have it soon but I do have some guilt, or at least some angst, about spending money on this. It’s true that we all spend money on ourselves for lots of things – money, beer, Apple products, giant tattoos, shoes, cars, Starbucks, Whole Foods as opposed to Food Lion… on & on. Most of that stuff is extra & def not needed for survival. Even though a wetsuit IS a thing as referenced above in the image, it’s part of the whole tri experience.

I’d much rather spend money on experiences than things. The hard part is the delayed gratification. It’s not impossible, just not as comforting as a fancy drink or sexy shoes you can use at that moment. If I had tons of money, I’d travel and spend money on those types of experiences rather than more houses, shoes, or cars. I think it’s also about investing in yourself and your potential. If that was possible without money, then great! However, it just doesn’t work that way. I’m trying to be as thrifty with this tri stuff as possible but it does cost some money and a lot of time.

This is a recent, and very long/detailed take on the real cost of triathlon: From Meredith at Swim Bike Mom  Article Here!

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This whole challenging yourself thing…It’s about sacrificing what you want now for what you need in the future. I need health & sanity, and this is the price I’m willing to pay for it. I still have to sign up for 3 more events AND get the wetsuit. The ‘Rose is in 108 days…giddyup! Life is expensive no matter how you cut it. Triathlon ain’t cheap but it’s better than a lot of the other options & choices out there. I need a sponsor……Anyone wanna sponsor a slow triathlete? =)

What do you choose to spend your money on that’s an investment on YOU??


2 thoughts on “Money, priorities, and things”

  1. The struggle is real – right!? My bike is getting close to 10 years old. So we all know what that means….. It’s always something! But it could be about negative & destructive things. I see people with more money than sense every day and how wasteful they are! 😉

  2. My husband has a triathlon scheduled in late spring, and he’s having the struggle. He has a really nice bike, since he’s been doing a century ride each year for a while now, but the wet suit will be a new addition. We’re hoping to wait until we get our tax return before getting it for me, but we might not be able to hold out that long.

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