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Mental Toughness – Grrrrrrr

MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. This year, I came to play. I’m working out harder than usual, doing more than I have, more committed than previously, and I’m really IN this tri thing more than I ever have or thought I would be. I didn’t skip a workout due to weather & being lazy. I figured out how to get it done in spite of the ice, the kids, and stuff. Not easy, but all it takes is about 2 days to retreat to where I start thinking what’s another day off?? and then I’ll sleep in. and then it begins. It’s SOOOO easy. Keeping that mindset in front of me constantly is so important. Before I know it, it’ll be time for the first tri of the season.

These pages were taken from the Triathlete’s Training Bible given to me by my girl Ashley (yo, A!). I took a pic of these 4 pages because they seemed to jump out and speak to me in a meaningful way. Desire to succeed – yep. Discipline – yep, especially lately. Belief in self – yep. Patience & perseverance – yep, most of the time. These four themes seem to be the core ingredients in Mental Toughness.

I’m sure there are other things as important or even more important – what am I missing?? What’s missing from these ingredients above that make up Mental Toughness? Maybe resilience – the ability to bounce back when you get knocked down. What else?

1 thought on “Mental Toughness – Grrrrrrr”

  1. Most people like to use the term “grit” the ability to stick to something against the odds, when there is no light to be found amd doing so by grinding one’s teeth. That, and I would also add determination and concentration.

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