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Competing with the boys’ pediatrician

After a few days out of the pool (mostly due to the snow/ice) I got back in today! Woohoo! It was great! Every once and a while I’ll run into someone I know or recognize there. Today I saw the boys’ pediatrician – I knew that she was a swimmer as we had discussed it before when I had the boys in for checkups, and knew she swam at the same place, but we had never bumped into each other before today.

It was full today except for the lane right next to her! So in I go. We had already said hello in the locker room briefly, so we had a quick hello – head nod and away we go, swimming in lanes side-by-side. Sometimes that weird & elusive competitive streak just comes out in me. It doesn’t come out that much, but today it did during my 45 minute swim.

She swims a lot, 2x a week, over many years. I’m lucky if I get in there 2x a week. But I was doing my best to hang with her. I did some drills but I was secretly trying to catch her when I could. About 30min in, we both hit the wall at the same time catching our breath and she says to me, “wow, you just keep going!”…..that made my heart so happy! Two years ago I could barely do one single lap without thinking today is the day I am going to die in the pool. So I took a minute to tell her about the triathlon stuff and how far I’ve come in the past two years, and she remarked that it was so good for the boys to see me doing that.

And that was a damn good day in the pool!

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