The Storm, The Blizzard

Our first “storm” this year has us going crazy – it’s nice for a day, but we are pretty much over this. I’ve actually used it to have some great workouts! NO EXCUSES!

FullSizeRender (4)

Me & Brooke Burke’s DVD had a great session yesterday. I’m always surprised at how hard that workout is. I’m dripping in sweat about half way through. It’s no joke, and I’m super sore today. Then today I rode Norman for the longest ride yet, 75 minutes. Not breaking any speed or time records there, but it’s a great sweaty ride and is better than doing nothing.

IMG_1739 (1)

This may or may not make up for the crap I’ve eaten the past 3 days. I know, the answer is “not”, but at least it evens it out. In my head anyway.

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