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Welcome To The Club!


I did it again! I successfully recruited my first one of the season to do a tri with me in May! My girl, who I’ll call Lady J, committed & signed up for the Raleigh Ramblin’ Rose! I’m *beyond* excited about this. For lots of reasons this girl is gonna’ use all the naysayer nonsense & negativity that bumps into her over this, turn it into gasoline, and set this shit on fire!!! I truly believe that she and others who get bit by this weird tri-bug will find power, strength, community, support, and confidence in a way you cannot even imagine.

Well done Lady J….and if you’re reading this, YOU will be a triathlete in 2016. Even if you’re the last person to cross the line, so what!?! The last person in med school is still called Doctor too. That’s right.


I have no idea where this brain image came from, otherwise I’d give it/them/whoever credit for it. I was talking with a co-worker last night at a work event and he was sharing my tri stuff with his wife – that I work out really early, that I plan to do 5 this year, open water, etc. My knee-jerk reaction was to minimize what I’m doing: “It’s only a sprint, they are short, I’m trying“…all that stuff. But there’s another part that wanted to say things like: That’s right, I’m a badass. I’m focused. I ran when it’s 36 degrees outside (which is crazy cold for here). I’m confident & brave to do something like this. I’m up at 5am regularly. I’m inspiring other people to challenge their own comfort zone.” Over time I’m letting that part of me come to the surface more, but it’s not my instinct or my natural comfort zone.

Who else wants to join the club!? C’mon now…. you know you want to! 😉




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