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I might talk about triathlon around my boys

The boys are 5 and 7. They hear me talk about this triathlon stuff a lot.

One day I told my oldest to draw something for me, and without prompting, this is what he did (on the right). It includes pink & purple as purple is my favorite color. It also includes a rainbow bike which I totally dig, along with a finish line. Then later, his brother sees the art and decides to make his own art for me…on the left is all done in purple because that’s my favorite color he tells me. My favorite pat of that one is the run – my GIANT eyes, begging to make the run stop! It’s a bit Mike Wazowski-like here.

And then, below…we went to Milton’s Pizza and they have kid menus to color. Annnnnd my oldest did this. You notice the rainbow bike again. I’m starting to think my bike Norman needs a serious and significant paint job.


I figure there are worse things I could be talking about – stress, negative stuff, annoying things, general negativity, etc. They are listening. It seems like they are not, but they are – at least in the sense that they are absorbing their surroundings. And if they have to have things seep into their brain, I’m glad it’s that I’m a triathlete and trying to set a good example for them. I tell them that it’s not easy for me, but I practice and practice so that I get better.

1 thought on “I might talk about triathlon around my boys”

  1. This is awesome! I’m “guilty” of the same. I think it’s important that my kids not only see me achieving my goals but understand what it takes. They are fearless!

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