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Hero Worship

Right next to Andy Potts, the god of triathlon, is his BFF Meredith – also known as the genius behind Swim Bike Mom… She’s my virtual BFF, hero, and one of the first “regular” people I stumbled on when I started this tri journey who didn’t look tiny and anorexic as many endurance athletes do. I haven’t met her, we don’t know each other, but I do feel a soul sister, kindred spirit connection with her.

About two weeks ago I happened to be online when she posted that she was giving away several of her books to people who said why they were brave & thankful or something similar. Her thing is being brave & thankful. I quickly submitted my response and HOLY CRAP I WON A COPY of Triathlon for the Every Woman on Amazon – and yes, it’s on Kindle. I never win anything, so cool! A sign from the tri gods I need to read this book as I was on the fence for some reason, mostly time.


I started reading the intro & my eyes started leaking. And then I read into the first section & I can’t even see the damn text because my eyes are so watery. I can’t wait to read the whole thing. I’m not in too deep yet, but I can feel how good it’s going to be. And right on time! Sometimes life gives you what you need AND want at the same time, how crazy.

Can’t wait to read it! So excited – brave and thankful indeed!


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