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I’m not a runner

You know when you see those smooth, effortless runners? And then also when you see people running and think… damn, they should NOT be doing that – they look like they are in pain!

I’m the second person, the one who looks like they are in pain, barely moving, and could seriously walk faster than my “running”gait allows. I’m short, stocky, and genetics is not on my side.

But today I did something I’ve never done before. I ran 2.5 miles WITHOUT STOPPING! It was slow, and more like a casual bounce than an actual run…but for me, it was a 2.5mile run without stopping. That’s a win. A huge, giant, massive, almost-though-it-was-unattainable WIN.

I tried a new app called Rock My Run – wow, amazing, motivating, and extremely cool! It was probably the driving force as I really depend on the mood of music to help me get moving. Have you tried it? There are several features that even match the beats to the timing of your stride. I picked the Guns & Roses list & it was fantastic! I have more to learn with it, but it was awesome and free!


I think that I’m getting more disciplined and that’s part of why I was able to do it. Today’s weather was crappy but I did it anyway. Not that crappy, not 35degrees and rainy with windchills – but not fantastic either. I was tired but did it anyway. I have 10 loads of laundry to do, but I did it anyway. I’m trying to organize my time better and part of that is discipline. If I want to be able to finish these summer triathlons in a way that I’m proud of, then what I do in the winter will directly affect the outcome. I hadn’t run in a while either and I’m trying to rack up mileage on MapMyRun so I also had that as motivation.

A 2.5mile run for me is HUGE. I have to say, I felt amazing – like I could kick someone’s ass. It was awesome. Now, where is all that laundry…



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