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Organize – so far, so good

So, it’s only the 6th but so far I’ve been able to implement this “organize” thing into my life every day. Six days in a row. All tiny and small achievements, but it’s about consistency rather than organizing every room in the house by the end of the month. It’s like eating an elephant…

Six days is not so exciting. But, if I can keep up this pace over the whole year, that’s a BIG deal.  That’s significant change, development, and discipline. So there.

The two very specific commitments I have (outside of the 5 tri for 2016) is to do 100 somethings every day for my physical health and to log 300 workouts via Map My Run. Here are 2 pics to prove my point – my low tech reminder on the side of my fireplace, and a pic of me last night on the trainer recovering from a cold. HUNDREDS is about doing a total of 100 whatevers every night – crunches, burpees, j-jacks, butt lifts, whatever. Anything.

Luckily I found Nurse Jackie on Netflix – why nobody told me about this I really can’t understand – but now that I know it will probably help me get through my next hour on the trainer. I started with 30 minutes to get used to it, but it’s GO time.  Saw this, thought it was right on… Let’s go!




1 thought on “Organize – so far, so good”

  1. I’m with you Chandra! I’ve got a few specific goals this year – 1,000 miles run/walked and trying one new thing (activity, class, food, etc.) each month. We can do it!

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