2016, Goals, Organize, Triathlon

Word of 2016: Organize

Last year my word was PERSPECTIVE and it was right on the money. It was exactly what I needed. It kept me in the mindset of “keep it in perspective” when life was overwhelming or things didn’t go so well.

This year, my word is ORGANIZE and it’s already giving me anxiety just thinking about it. I’m a huge planner and I’m great at planning, but this is bigger than just planning. Even as I write this I am resisting and searching for a different word. Something I have learned about myself over the past couple of years is that whatever I’m resisting, I need to embrace & move toward it – otherwise it’ll overtake me. It’s like a lesson from the universe that keeps repeating itself until you get it.


So, here I am, embracing this word organize. Trying to embrace it. Running toward it rather than away. Bleh. I’m going to make it a good thing and learn a lot from keeping this in front of me for 2016.

ORGANIZE – here we go!

I need your help! What are some things I can apply “organize” to make this more manageable? Whether it’s triathlon related, food, health, kids, family, money – whatchagot?? HELP! I’ll take any advice!

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