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Clothes make the woman – sorta’

At the beginning of the summer, as I was already starting to think about next year and finishing my goals for this year, I made a very deliberate & conscious choice about what I was going to wear this summer & from now on -as much as it’s realistic.

For a while now I’ve been accumulating these race t-shirts. I have a nice collection now. Some of them aren’t really worth of wearing again – either they don’t fit right or the design is bad. However, there are plenty that I really do like. So I decided in the late spring/early summer that every time I went somewhere to run errands, out for lunch, to Target, etc that I would commit to wearing one of the race t-shirts from my collection. I go to a casual dress church and I’ve even worn one there. Yep, I sure did.

Rex Wellness Tri in Garner 2015

Why? Because it’s hard for me to think of myself as an athlete, so it’s a bit of a mental game. I like that word – athlete – and still really don’t see myself that way, but when I wear the shirts it reminds me that I kinda’ am. It’s also a visual to remind myself to keep working out, keep trying to improve for the future, all that type of stuff. It was also a bit of a test too – was I disciplined enough to keep this up even if it felt a little weird?

Also, on the chance that it sparks a conversation about the particular event or someone’s experience with something similar then that’s even better. Connecting with a stranger or a friend about this journey is always welcome – so wear the shirts from the events you’ve done! And ask someone about their experience.

Not exactly an “event” but supporting Swim Bike Mom – love everything about that!

I could only find these 2 pics, but you get the idea. Finding common ground and discovering new things is what keeps us all growing and alive. There’s way too many things that can pull people apart. If a t-shirt or athletic event causes synergy, bring it!

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