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Time to giddyup in the cold!

I’m sitting here typing, procrastinating.

I really need to take my own advice & go out & walk/run a little. But it’s cold out there. I had a great swim yesterday when the weather was nice; I should have swapped days and done that today instead. It’s not “Canada cold” but definitely almost-December-cold-in-NC. I’m making a deal with myself that once I hit “publish” on this blog I MUST go out and face the wind & cold. Because that’s what people do who want things in the future…right? Sacrifice the warmth of now for the success down the road. Something about delayed gratification, blah blah blah. Eye roll.

To myself: Just suck it up & quit complaining. It’s not that cold & it won’t kill you!

Ok, in 10 minutes I’ll be on the trail. I’ll also be really glad I did it.



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