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Arts & Crafts – triathlon style


This is something I made back in Feb of 2015…ish. Can’t remember exactly. But, it was made when I felt excited about what was ahead. I went to this art class “thing” and out of a g’zillion small crafty items found the word “swimming” and knew that I was there to make something to represent my interest in triathlons. You know that feeling, right? Where you feel led to do something. The flower-type things in the collage are very similar to the Ramblin’ Rose logo. The chain was like a bike chain, and the animal print paper was cut for the “RUN”. The butterflies represent transformation and growth. It’s in my bathroom and I see it several times a day. I still really like it.

And then for my birthday in September I decided to make this project. It’s my medal & race bib display rack. It’s purple. And it’s made from wine corks. With room to grow. I had been keeping my corks for a while with no purpose, just knowing I’d use ’em for something one day.

There’s something about creating that inspires me. It could be jewelry, dinner, or art…but there’s something therapeutic and maybe cathartic about making something original from nothing.

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