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I was all “BAHUMBUG” until I got the idea…

…until I got the fantastic and creative idea to make our small, thin, artificial Xmas tree a TRIATHLON themed tree! You know that part in the Grinch cartoon when The Grinch gets the idea of stealing the toys & his grin gets bigger & bigger & bigger!? That’s the feeling I got today when I thought of this!

Grinch's evil smile
Grinch’s evil smile

Alas, I have found the bright spot in the chaos coming around the corner! I’ll make a tree dedicated to my tiny obsession – goggles, swim caps, old shoe laces, riding gloves, some home made tri-theme ornaments with a helmet on top! I may use some of the previous medals (if they come off the ribon??) as ornaments. Throw in some decorated wine corks, purple ribbon or lights – now that’s a Christmas project I’m going to really enjoy!

I must have thought about this last year at some point, and completely forgot it – because it’s already pinned on my triathlon inspiration Pinterest board. I really thought it was an original idea, but I obviously looked it up before and found one as an idea for this year. Good thing I’m in sync with myself – I still think it’s a fantastic idea and cannot wait to create it!

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