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Final triathlon for the 2014 season! #3 DONE!

Triathlon is a heavy word. “Triathlete” is a heavier word.

Last weekend I did my 3rd triathlon for the season & 6th for all time. I’m still trying to find the magic number of events that make someone a Triathlete – I’m getting closer, but I still don’t think of myself that way. Maybe this was the one though, because it was ridiculously cold that morning. Waiting around in a bathing suit in 40 degree weather was not my idea of fun. However, by the time the bike came around it was really nice – a bit chilly but with appropriate clothes it was a really nice ride.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)

This picture of me holding my “bling” says at the bottom: I am a triathlete. So…maybe this is the day that I consider myself a triathlete??  Maybe? Here’s the pic that’s really awesome. Ethan, almost 6, made me this “medal”. I’m either a Super Mom who did a 100 (whatever that means), or a Suger Mom.  photo 4 (1)

I had a few goals here. First, I wanted to complete 3 this summer. Ok, good, I’m on track. The next thing I want to do is use this as a place to set some specific goals based off these times and move forward with a training plan to get better.

I’m really glad I did them. Now it’s time to move forward & set some new goals for 2015! Woohoo!  =)

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