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I looooove exercise!!!

9 mile ride, 2-22-14

It’s so easy – way, way, way too easy – to get derailed with exercise.  Between the snow, days off with with kids, some storm damage to our house, and just regular “life” interruptions – it can be extremely difficult to stick to a schedule with exercise even when you love it!!

However, sometimes the universe forces you to refocus and get it together.  And that’s a really great thing!  I’m back on track.  I’m gettin’ my groove back! Last spring I started using MapMyRun on my phone.  What an awesome little tool that is.  They recently did some updates & made it much easier to set goals – so I set a small goal for February to test it out & see how it works.  It’s crazy-easy to use and I’m at 82% towards my goal today. I plan on setting another bigger goal for March.

This winter I’ve been trying to swim more. I’m really bad at swimming. However, my swim coach says my technique isn’t bad, it’s just that I need to do it more.  (that’s really the case for everything, right? you do it more & you get better at it. not really a mystery.).  Hopefully I can at least be more comfortable in the pool by October, when I have my 4th small triathlon coming up.  Time has a funny way of creeping up on you.  It’ll be here before I know it.

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